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CAROL Bike’s Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) workout. Increase VO2max. Live younger.

CAROL Bike's Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) improves your fitness, including VO2max. And boosting it by just 12% change is like turning your body clock back 10 years.

06 Jul 2022


What is VO2max?

VO2max stands for 'volume, oxygen and maximum'. It means the more oxygen you can consume while working out, the better your capacity will become. Allowing your heart to do more in less beats—and help maximize your performance.

Studies show that having a high VO2max can actually help you live longer and improve your health. Reducing your risk of major health disorders like cancers, heart disease, diabetes and strokes (Ross et al., 2016).

Boosting your VO2max helps lower blood pressure, too. In fact, experts feel that a high VO2max is more important to your health and lifespan than high levels of physical activity (Songaorn et al., 2016).

With CAROL Bike's REHIT workout you’ll see improvements in only two weeks (Songaorn et al., 2016). And it works like this: 2x all-out 20-second sprints, a brief warm-up and recovery. From just 5 mins, 3 times a week. CAROL Bike's REHIT gets you fit, saves you time—and helps you live younger.

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