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How CAROL’s REHIT Workouts Increase VO2max to Promote Life Longevity

Reduced Exertion HIIT helps improve a number of fitness metrics, including your VO2max.

01 Jun 2022


You want to be a fitter, better version of yourself. Maybe you wish you had more time to work out, or have more motivation to hit the gym. Utilizing CAROL’s Reduced Exertion High Interval Training (REHIT) protocol will help improve a number of fitness metrics, including your VO2max. As you do ride CAROL continuously, you will navigate on the path to a longer and healthier life.

What is VO2max?

The acronym stands for volume, oxygen and maximum. If you have the ability to utilize more oxygen while working out, this will lead to increased oxygen consumption. This uptick in your oxygen consumption levels will help your heart to improve its efficiency by allowing it to do more in a fewer number of beats, which will help maximize your performance as you exercise.

Typically, physiologists measure VO2max in athletes to determine if their training protocols enhance their performance. Research by the American Heart Association states that having a high VO2max can actually help increase your longevity along with additional health benefits. Their findings show that people who can improve oxygen consumption while working out reverse early indicators of low mortality and have healthier heart function. Conversely, people with lower fitness levels and poor oxygen uptake are at higher risk for major health disorders. These include cancers, heart disease, diabetes and higher stroke risk (Ross et al., 2016).

Through boosting your VO2max levels, your heart works more efficiently using less beats per minute and less force to push blood through your arteries. This cardiovascular improvement can then aid in lowering blood pressure. Many experts feel that a high VO2max is more important to your health and lifespan than high levels of physical activity (Songaorn et al., 2016).

Normally, the best method to enhancing VO2max levels is tempo running, which involves slowing your running pace by about 25–30 seconds. However, this technique requires you to run hard to the point of near-anaerobic threshold. This amounts from between 85 to 90 percent of your VO2max.

CAROL is a great tool to help boost your VO2max levels without the requirement of a personal trainer or physiologist. While using CAROL’s REHIT protocol, you can improve your levels in as early as two weeks (Songaorn et al., 2016). It involves eight minutes of steady cycling with two all-out 20-second sprints, a brief warm-up and a recovery periods as needed. CAROL makes performing REHIT easy and accessible, while improving VO2max for every consistent user.

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