CAROL Bike workouts

Scientifically-proven to get you fitter, faster.

CAROL Bike's AI-personalized workouts learn to push you to your limit, so every second matters. Developed with top exercise researchers and scientists like Dr. Neils Vollaard and Prof Lance Dalleck—it's a collaboration designed to create quicker, more effective ways to get you fit. And CAROL Bike's 18 workouts are just the start.

Your perfect workout, backed by science.

  • Get fitter

    Improve your cardio fitness by 12% in just 8 weeks.

  • Live healthier

    Reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 62%—and blood pressure by 5%.

  • Lose weight

    60% of calorie-burning with CAROL happens after your workout, maximizing your metabolism.

Our signature Reduced Exertion HIIT workout

Warm up
Slow-pedal to prep for your first sprint—triggered by you any time after 20 seconds.
Sprint 1
AI applies the resistance you need instantly, so when you’re pushing hard, the glycogen in your muscles depletes—releasing signalling molecules.
It’s essential to recover well to get the most out of your next sprint—triggered by you any time after 1 minute.
Sprint 2
The signalling molecules released in Sprint 1 switch on, telling your body to get stronger, fitter, faster.
The cooldown brings your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing back to normal.

Every CAROL Bike workout—scientist approved.

CAROL Bike’s range of scientifically-proven workouts make it the world’s most effective exercise bike. Check them out below.


Your CAROL Bike can connect to third-party apps like Peloton, Zwift, YouTube, Netflix and more—to make every workout work for you. You can even pair with Apple Watch via the Heartcast app.

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