Members get more

CAROL membership gives you and 7 other riders the full CAROL experience. Unlock AI-personalization, your detailed performance dashboard and a library of science-backed workouts.

Your membership. Your benefits.

  • AI-Optimization

    Our AI algorithm calculates your optimal resistance, for maximum results—so every second matters.

  • 18 Workouts

    Choose from 18 scientifically-proven workouts and fitness tests. With more added as the science advances.

  • Multiple Riders

    Home membership gives access for up to 8 riders. Commercial membership tiers start at 24 riders.

  • Metrics

    Personalized dashboard with comprehensive performance metrics like Fitness Score; so you can accurately track how your fitness is improving.

  • OTA Updates

    CAROL Bike automatically adds new features, functionality and performance with over-the-air software updates.

  • Price

    Home membership is $15/month (excl. sales tax). Commercial memberships start from $39/month (excl. sales tax).

Unlock unique features.

With each short, AI-personalized workout your optimal resistance is applied instantly, so every second matters. Scientifically proven to give you the most effective workout.

With each ride, CAROL Bike's AI learns to push you to your limit.
Your personalized, optimal resistance is automatically applied—instantly.

Using your CAROL Bike without membership.

Membership calibrates CAROL to you. Connecting you to results, quicker. Without it, workouts will be effective, but less efficient, with access to basic features only:

  • Default resistance settings

    Riders start at the optimal resistance level - but do not benefit from further optimization.

  • 6 science-backed workouts

    Intense, Energizer, Fat Burn 30, Fat Burn 60, Free Ride, and Endurance workouts.

  • Post-workout metrics

    Standalone performance metrics, but without trends or leaderboards to take the guesswork out of your training.

  • Integrations

    Connect to apps like Peloton, Zwift, YouTube, Netflix and more. Pair with Apple Watch via Heartcast.